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Price List

Providing you and your pet with the best value


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Primary Vaccination Course, Puppy/Dog £75.71 Included
Dog Booster & Health Check £54.70 Included
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £42.94 Included
Primary Vaccination Course, Kitten/Cat £75.68 Included
Cat Booster & Health Check £54.73 Included
Rabies Vaccination £76.93 10% discount
Rabbit Vaccination, Myxo + RHD £54.67 Included
Rabbit Vaccination, (2w later) Filovac (RH2) £54.67 Included


  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Standard Appointment £48.91 One 6 month health check
Nurse Appointment £23.92 24 Appointments per policy
Home Visit Fee* £115.70 Not Included on PHC
Microchipping £28.84 Included (£10 voucher if pet already chipped at sign up)

*Excluding cost of consult and mileage


Castrate Dog £189.17 20% discount
Castrate Dog over 25kg £222.94 20% discount
Castrate Dog over 45kg £282.14 20% discount
Bitch Spay £280.19 20% discount
Bitch Spay over 20kg £337.84 20% discount
Bitch Spay over 45kg £394.68 20% discount
Castrate Cat £74.36 20% discount
Spay Cat £97.28 20% discount
Spay Rabbit £137.98 20% discount
Spay Ferret £137.29 Not Included
Castration Rabbit £85.80 Not Included
Castration Ferret £85.76 Not Included

Costs include operation time, collar, pain relief, pre and post ops

Animal Health Certificates

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Animal Health Certificate - First Pet  £175.50 10% discount
Animal Health Certificate - Subsequent Pets £60.00 10% discount

Out of Hours Fees

  Standard Price Pet Health Club
Mon - Fri    7pm - 11pm £136.50 Not Included
Mon - Fri    11pm - 8am £184.50 Not Included
Saturday  12pm - 6pm £93.00 Not Included
Saturday    6pm - 11pm £136.50 Not Included
Saturday    11pm - 8am £184.50 Not Included

For more information on the Out of Hours fees charged by Vetsnow please click here.